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Damascus: Ismaʿil ʿAbdi interrogated because of human rights work

KURDWATCH, October 18, 2010—The attorney and human rights activist Ismaʿil Muhammad ʿAbdi, who is currently being held in the ʿAdra prison about 70 kilometers from Damascus, is in poor physical and mental health. Prior to his imprisonment in ʿAdra, ʿAbdi spent forty days at the State Security in Damascus, twenty of which were spent in solitary confinement. During the interrogations he was confronted with emails that he had sent to Syria during the course of his human rights work. It is unclear how the intelligence service gained access to the emails. ʿAbdi had previously been questioned by the second investigating judge in Damascus on October 2, 2010. A case is pending against him pursuant to Articles 287 and 288 of the Criminal Code. [Further information on the case]


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